Blog Content-Now vs Future

I wanted to take a moment to outline my hopes for this blog. If you haven’t checked out the “About Me” page, I’ll shorten it for you. My intent is to document my progress through watch school for friends, family members, and hopefully people who are interested in becoming watchmakers.

I won’t be starting school for 6 months (May 12, 2014). I know that I am a bit premature in starting my blog, but it has been a long time since I have attempted a blog/journal. I am planning on doing a weekly “article” to flex the “blogging” muscles. I’m also planning on working on my watch photography over the next six months (hopefully getting some kind of macro set-up before school starts) as well.

Some of the articles I’m going to write are going to be pretty basic (for example-what is a watch) and will eventually get more detailed (while using wording that doesn’t require tabbing between wikipedia and other websites to understand what I’m talking about).

When school starts, I am planning on doing bi-weekly updates detailing what I’m learning and supplementing the text with pictures.


For my friends and family-thanks for stopping by and for your support as I get ready for a huge life change.

For those of you who have stumbled upon this site-thanks for your time! I hope you come back on a regular basis and get some kind of enjoyment from this.

For those of you who are contemplating going into watchmaking (and are reading this prior to May 2014)-Do it! Follow your dream. If you are here post May 2014, contact me, leave a comment, and I’ll answer whatever questions I can to help you get as much information for your decision.


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