16-Point Check (Elgin Baguette Style Watch/Font-5921)

WP_20141114_11_03_49_ProWhat I’ve got here is an ladies Elgin watch. Other than running a bit fast and being dirty, the watch was in pretty good mechanical condition. It was a pretty nice movement to work with. There really wasn’t any wasted space in the movement.


One thing I found interesting about the watch was the escape wheel bridge had a removable cap jewel. Other than that quirk, it was a standard C/O/R job. Once I got the watch finished, I put it on the timing machine and got it timed out. While the initial tape wasn’t perfectly straight in each position, I figured I would take it up to Mr. Poye to get his input.WP_20141116_22_31_19_ProHe let me know that while it was a good start, I needed to get it running about 10-15 seconds fast in each position due to the size of the balance wheel. Since the watch has a smaller balance wheel, it is more susceptible to shocks that can affect the timing. By having it run fast, it is more apt to run on time as opposed to running slow.

WP_20141116_22_42_57_ProOriginal tape on the left, new tape on the right after speeding the watch up a bit. Like I said in one of my other posts, the constant buzzing from the cleaning machines mixed with grabbing the microphone unit of the timing machine can sometimes mess up how things look. I had another tape that I ran, but accidentally left it at school-it looked a lot better in the crown right position.


Prior Entries in the 16-Point Check Project


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