16-Point Check (Baylor Watch/Standard 1686)

WP_20141114_11_06_11_ProNow it’s back to bigger watches. What I’ve got here is a Baylor Watch Co. watch that is powered by a Standard 1686 movement. I really like the applied numeral indicators. They have an art deco-ish vibe to them. This watch was running pretty fast when I got it (except for Crown Left). The watch didn’t have much by way of kickback, but other than that there weren’t any major issues.

Unless you count the caseback.

WP_20141110_14_45_20_ProThis is a great example of what happens if you have improper tools for the job. I was pretty shocked when I got this watch. There isn’t any polishing that I could do with rouge and a buff that would take that out. I just cleaned it and handed it off to Mr. Poye to work with later.

WP_20141114_11_06_34_ProThis watch was pretty easy to work on. There was a lack of kickback (seems to be a running theme here with these watches), but that was about it for the mechanical issues. After doing the cleaning and oiling, I put the watch on the timing machine to regulate it and got a pretty nice result

WP_20141116_00_56_25_ProAs with the other tapes, original is on the left, the new one is on the right. Now that the movement has gone through the C/O/R procedure, it was time to address the caseback. Like I said, the standard polishing procedure wasn’t going to help. Go back and take a look at the picture again. There are gouges everywhere. Some even have small holes in them. To help make the back a bit more presentable, Mr. Poye put the caseback in a chuck in his lathe and used a graver to smooth out the back. After he worked on it, he gave it back to me to work on getting the vertical line finish back to a better state. That was simple enough to do-I put the caseback in my movement holder and rubbed it on some medium-fine grit sandpaper. After a few passes and a run through the ultrasonic and it looked pretty good. Not great, and you could definitely tell that someone had messed up with trying to open the case, but it looks a heck of a lot better than when I first saw it.



Prior Entries in the 16-Point Check Project


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