16-Point Check (Seiko 11A, #2)

WP_20141118_08_53_56_ProMy new watch that I worked on (and finished) today was another Seiko 11 A. Since this was my second one that I was working on, I was confident that I would be able to get this one taken care of in a relatively efficient manner. When I got the watch, it was timed out pretty well, but it didn’t have any kickback. When I opened the watch up, there was a pretty distinct lack of lubrication, which made me want to chalk the missing kickback to that (at least until I got a chance to take a look at the mainspring).

WP_20141118_08_58_45_ProOne thing I don’t like about this watch are the dial feet screws. Instead of being inserted perpendicular to the movement like a lot of the movements I have worked on, these screws insert parallel to the movement. The last time I had screws like these, I spent a good few minutes trying to get the screws back in place. This time, instead of taking the screws out, I screwed them all the way tight before cleaning the movement. It was a lot less frustrating trying to get the dial back on when I was done.

I was pretty eager to pull the barrel out and get a look at it. The mainspring was in pretty good shape, so I went back to my original theory about the dry oil causing the lack of kickback. Everything else came apart and, after cleaning, went back together pretty easily. I went ahead and reassembled the movement without oiling the gear train and double checked the kickback. There was none. After I oiled the gear train, the kickback was great.

After finishing the oiling and reassembling, I regulated the movement. This took a little extra time because the beat regulator and the regulator were very tight. Since this was a small movement and was balanced precariously in the timing machine, I had to see what it was doing and then take it off the Witschi and put it into my movement holder, adjust it, and repeat until I got it timed properly. It was worth the “hassle.”

WP_20141118_19_52_58_ProFor comparison, here is the original timing tape

WP_20141118_19_52_44_ProNot bad. As you can see, even with the lack of kickback, the watch wasn’t in horrible shape. Of course, when I ran my first tape, I thought it was, but once I realized that it had almost no wind on it which would explain the bad tape I got (you’ll see it below). Also, it was a good example of how the mainspring affects the rate results.

WP_20141118_19_53_07_ProHere are some random pictures from the rest of my 16-Point Check on the second Seiko A11.

WP_20141118_08_54_06_Pro WP_20141118_09_09_04_Pro WP_20141118_09_36_12_Pro WP_20141118_10_52_25_Pro WP_20141118_12_48_48_Pro WP_20141118_12_48_55_Pro


Prior Entries in the 16-Point Check Project




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